General terms and conditions

1.1 Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ, with registration code 12147895, address Meisli 26, Tartu, Tartu county, 50106 (hereinafter: Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ) and the customer, who places an order in the e-shop of Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ (; hereinafter: E-shop) or by any other means of communication (hereinafter: Buyer), hereby enter into a contract on the following terms and conditions (hereinafter: Terms and Conditions). The buyer can be a person, i.e. a consumer, who makes a transaction that is not related to the performance of an independent economic or professional activity (within the meaning of the LOA §34); or a legal person, such as a private company or a public authority (within the meaning of the CCC §24), who makes a transaction that is related to the purposes of an economic or professional activity.

1.2 Terms and conditions by accepting the offer, the Buyer confirms that he/she has read the terms and conditions of the sales contract, agrees to and complies with them.

1.3 Shop delivery times, prices and specifications of the goods offered are subject to change. without prior notice and, therefore, the E-shop does not have a legally binding obligation, but is a legally non-binding e-catalogue of offers from a possible range of products. with illustrative pictures. Confirming your order in the E-shop or via the online shop. the Buyer assumes a legally binding obligation to purchase the goods selected to buy. The E-shop responds to the Buyer’s order placed in the E-shop with an automatic e-mail confirming that the Buyer has successfully placed the order and that the E-shop the system has successfully received the order. The transaction will only enter into force once, if Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ sends a separate e-mail confirming the order, expressing the intention to fulfil the Buyer’s order.

1.4 Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ reserves the right to select Buyers and the right to withdraw from the transaction if it becomes clear that, for whatever reason, it is not possible to. fulfil the order. In such exceptional cases, the Buyer shall be informed immediately, and any advance payment shall be refunded without delay, within 1 working day at the latest. Additional requirements for Tehnikateenused, in relation to abandonment of the transaction is excluded.

1.5 Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ’s activities and the sales contract are subject to the following provisions Estonian law. All the laws in force in Estonia are published in the Riigi Teataja. in an online publication available at

1.6 Guide to the E-shop to place, confirm and pay for your order:

  • Select the product or products and add them to the basket. In a shopping basket you can change the quantity of goods before confirming your order.
  • Enter Details of the buyer and select the appropriate mode of delivery/carrier. In case of If you want to deliver to an address other than the Buyer’s address, enter the following. the desired delivery address separately.
  • Select from suitable payment method
  • Check out Accept the Terms and Conditions of the e-shop and confirm your acceptance by ticking the box. (“checkmark”) to Terms and conditions
  • Confirm your order by clicking on the “Submit request” button.
  • Transaction shall be deemed to have been concluded upon receipt of the amount due under the order. receipt of the payment to the current account of Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ or the instalment contract. from the moment of signature. Outstanding orders by Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ will not be filled.

Delivery conditions

2.1 The Goods shall be delivered to the Buyer using a third party carrier (hereinafter referred to as the “Carrier”). If the Buyer so wishes, the Buyer can pick up the Goods at the warehouse of Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ (Estonian Technical Services OÜ): on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00, except public holidays, at Meisli 26, 50106, Tartu, Estonia).

2.2 In Estonia shipments usually arrive at the destination specified by the buyer within 5-10 working days. from the date of entry into force of the sales contract. In exceptional cases, the right to deliver the goods is. delivered within 14-30 calendar days.

2.3 If the Buyer is consumer (within the meaning of LOA §34), the accidental destruction and damage of the thing will be. risk is transferred to the Buyer at the moment of delivery, even if the goods are delivered by. Freight carrier. If the Buyer is a legal person (within the meaning of §24 of the Civil Law Code), the matter goes to. the risk of accidental loss or damage is transferred to the Buyer at the moment the goods are handed over. to the carrier of the Goods. In the case where a carrier is not used for the delivery of the Goods, the risk of accidental destruction of or damage to the goods shall pass to the Buyer. at the moment of delivery. The transfer is also deemed to have taken place if the Buyer delays. by receiving the goods. The consignment will be sent to the address specified by the Buyer.

2.4 All goods Prices for delivery are displayed in euros and include the cost of delivery to Estonia. Republic of the VAT and applicable packaging and transport costs.

2.5 If the Buyer is the consumer (within the meaning of APPLA §34), we ask, without any legal obligation, the goods delivered to. checked in detail upon adoption and informed to the Estonian authorities. Tehnikateenused OÜ from transport injuries. Legal a person (as defined in §24 of the Civil Code) The Buyer or a person authorised by a legal person to act on behalf of a legal person has the right to. the obligation to carry out a detailed inspection of the goods delivered and to identify any possible. transport damage. Legal persons must ensure that any the transport or packaging damage is discovered before the goods have been accepted. fixed and reported in writing by the delivering courier.

14-day right of withdrawal

3.1 About the consumer The buyer (within the meaning of LOA §34) has the right to withdraw by means of a means of communication without giving a reason. the transaction (e.g. e-shop order, order confirmed by e-mail, telephone order, order by order confirmed by e-mail, etc.) or outside the Estonian Tehnikateenused OÜ. business premises within 14 days of the conclusion of the transaction.

3.2 Taganemistähtaeg lõpeb 14 päeva möödumisel alates päevast mil Ostja või tema nimetatud kolmas isik, kes ei ole kauba vedaja, on saanud asja füüsiliselt enda valdusesse. Taganemisõiguse tähtajast on kinnipeetud, kui Ostja esitab taganemisavalduse ennem 14 päeva möödumist.

3.3 In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Buyer must notify Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ of its decision to withdraw from the transaction by means of an unequivocal written statement, which must be submitted to the representative office of Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ or sent by e-mail.

  • Estonian Technical Services OÜ, Meisli 26, 50106, Tartu, Estonia
  • Phone: +372 52 552 70
  • E-mail:

3.4 The Buyer does not have the right of withdrawal in the following cases, among others:

  • Contracts the object of which is an audio and video recording in a sealed enclosure, or delivery of computer software once the envelope has been opened by the Buyer;
  • Contracts the subject matter of which is the transfer of a product which contains a unique the password to download audio and video recordings or computer software; or a password to access the manufacturer’s online centre;
  • Contracts the subject matter of which is the delivery of an object in sealed packaging which is not. eligible for return for health or hygiene reasons; and if the packaging is opened after delivery (e.g., in-ear headphones, ear monitors, etc.);
  • Contracts where the product is made to order; and taking into account the Buyer’s personal needs or the terms and conditions proposed by the Buyer. Accordingly;
  • Contracts in the case of a gift voucher and the unique code on the voucher is already in the used.

3.5 About the Agreement the consequences of withdrawal:

  • Retrieved from in the event of withdrawal, Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ shall return to the Buyer all sums paid by the Buyer to Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ. payments received under the contract, including delivery costs (except for except for additional costs resulting from the delivery chosen by the Buyer. which is different from the cheapest offered by Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ. the usual method of service) without delay and in any event no later than 14 one day after the day on which Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ becomes aware of the following. The buyer’s decision to withdraw from the contract.
  • Estonia Tehnikateenused OÜ will make these refunds using the same payment method, used by the Buyer to make the payment, unless the Buyer has. agreed to use a different payment method. The buyer does not involve any service charge or other cost for such refund.
  • Buyer must return the goods to Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ immediately, but. at the latest 14 days after the day on which it notified the Estonian Technical Services OÜ to withdraw from the contract. The goods covered by the contract must be Tehnikateenused OÜ returned in the original packaging (may be with opening marks, but not damaged) and contain all the information required for objects). The direct costs of returning the goods must be borne by the Buyer. The time limit is deemed to have been observed if the Buyer returns the goods covered by the contract. before the end of the 14-day period, or proves that he or she has, within that period. delivered the goods to the carrier within. If the Buyer does not return the goods within 14 days from the date of the request for withdrawal, and does not prove, that the goods have been handed over to the carrier, Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ has the right to. reject the withdrawal.

3.6 Estonia Tehnikateenused OÜ shall have the right to refuse to make any repayment until Estonia has. Tehnikateenused OÜ has received back the object of the contract or the Buyer has. provided evidence to Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ that it has returned the case, depending on which happens first.

3.7 Returnable the deterioration of the goods belonging to the Purchaser, the Purchaser shall be liable for the loss of value of the goods due to the use for the loss of the property if he has used the property in a way other than that required for the property. to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of. To make sure the matter in its nature, characteristics and operation, may be handled and used only in such a way as to. as is normally allowed in a shop. Used or incomplete goods in the event of return, Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ has the right not to satisfy the Buyer. to withdraw from the contract or to compensate the Buyer for the cost of the depreciation of the goods. of the refundable purchase amount. Also, Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ has the right to set off. the value of gifts and other added value in the event of non-repayment. the current retail price. Claims for depreciation of assets in Estonia Tehnikateenused OÜ shall have the right to submit to the Buyer, within one month from the date of. returning the item.

Claims Settlement

4.1 The Buyer may. in the event of non-conformity of the goods with the terms of the contract. legal remedies, including performance of the contract, reduction of the price, damages. compensation and cancel the contract:

  • About the consumer (in the meaning of APPLA §34) The Buyer has the right to withdraw the goods that do not in the case of a defective good, file a claim with the seller within 2 years. (consumer’s 2 year right of complaint) from the date of delivery of the goods of the day, too. second-hand goods. The complaint must be lodged without delay, but not later than 2 (two) months from the date of the shortage of goods. discovery. Upon discovery of a shortage, the Buyer must take reasonable steps to. measures to store and protect the goods, including not to use defective the goods, if the use of the goods further deteriorates the condition of the goods.
  • If in addition to what is provided for by law, the seller or the producer has given the goods. a sales guarantee, the terms of the guarantee are given to the Buyer in writing with the goods. and/or made available electronically in an e-shop.
  • Legal a person (within the meaning of §24 of the Civil Code) The buyer is covered by a guarantee of sale if the producer. or offered by the importer (as a rule, manufacturers offer a 1 year sales guarantee). or longer ).

4.2 If the consumer If the buyer notices a shortage of goods or products when he receives the goods ordered, he is left with the following the right to make a claim for damage caused shall apply only to the if the Buyer, immediately after receipt of the goods, reports the defects. expressly notified in writing to Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ. Claim does not apply to damage caused in transit after the product has been delivery to the Buyer.

4.3 More recent the Buyer must keep the purchase documents in order to facilitate the settlement of claims. (invoice, contract, etc.) proving that the goods have been purchased from Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ. Without proof of sale, the seller/service provider may, without solving the problem. leave.

4.4 In the event of a defective product, the consumer Buyer has the right to demand free of charge. improvement. If the same deficiency occurs again after the correction, it is. the consumer’s right to ask for a replacement or a reduction in the purchase price.

You have the right to withdraw from the contract if Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ has not. materially infringed, including where:

  • Estonia Tehnikateenused OÜ cannot repair or replace the goods;
  • correction fails;
  • Estonia Tehnikateenused OÜ has failed to remedy the shortage within a reasonable time;
  • Goods the repair or replacement has caused unreasonable damage to the Buyer caused by the consumer. inconvenience.

4.5 Estonia Tehnikateenused OÜ does not remedy the deficiencies identified by the consumer within 2 years during the period of the right to lodge a claim, nor during the period of the sales guarantee if it is. is caused by, among other things:

  • lies accessories;
  • from installation;
  • equipment fair bugs in the installed software due to incorrect installation of the software. from installation or use by the buyer (including viruses caused by shortcomings);
  • from physical wear and tear under normal use;
  • changes the original parts, incorrect (not fit for purpose) the use, maintenance (including where the goods have been repaired or serviced by a person unauthorised by the manufacturer) or by damage to the goods;
  • For the buyer defects notified by the seller before the purchase;
  • external factors: including lightning, substandard voltage and power surges. fluctuations, moisture, liquid, mechanical damage, etc.
  • device and/or the serial number of the part, the control sticker or the marking sticker. tampering, replacement or removal;
  • Buyer through no fault of your own, as a result of unreasonable use or if the defects were caused by. careless storage, maintenance or overloading of the product.

4.6 Estonia Complaints related to goods purchased from Tehnikateenused OÜ can be submitted to. gradually:

  • Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ, to the address Meisli 26, 50106, Tartu, Estonia.
  • by e-mail to:

4.7 Claim the defective item must also be delivered to the office of Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ. trade.

4.8 Claim the first six months after the goods are handed over, the consumer shall bear the costs of the. Costs incurred by the buyer in repairing or replacing the goods, in particular transport, postal, labour, travel and material costs always Estonian Technical Services Ltd (LOA § 222(4). For the next 1.5 years, the corresponding costs will be borne by Estonia. Tehnikateenused OÜ only if the complaint was justified.

4.9 If at the time of the complaint, the time has elapsed since the goods were handed over from the consumer to the Buyer; or more than six months and, in order to establish the nature and cause of the shortage, it is necessary to. necessary to carry out an expert examination, Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ and the consumer Buyer shall conclude an an agreement to carry out an expert opinion. Expertise carried out on the device (diagnostics) is subject to an expertise fee of €36 (VAT included) if. Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ is not responsible for correcting the defect in the equipment. for. The consumer Buyer will also have to pay an expert’s fee if the equipment does not. a fault is found as a result of an expert examination (diagnostics), and the device complies with the manufacturer’s requirements. technical requirements.

4.10 If the consumer If the buyer does not agree with the result of the expert opinion of Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ, the buyer must. the consumer the Buyer to prove that there is a defect (the contractual terms and conditions) non-conformity) and the defect or the reason for the defect existed at the time of delivery of the product. at the moment.

4.11 If the Buyer and Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ are unable to resolve the dispute by means of an agreement, the Consumer may apply to the Consumer Disputes Committee of the Consumer Protection Agency. The terms of the procedure and how to apply can be found at The Consumer Disputes Committee has the competence to resolve disputes arising from the contract concluded between the consumer Buyer and Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ. There is no charge for the Commission to examine a consumer’s complaint. In addition, a consumer Buyer can contact the European Union Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform

Terms and conditions of Estonian Tehnikateenused OÜ:

1. To lease the property belonging to Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ, the Renter has accepted these Rental Terms and Conditions and in all respects. in the event of disputes, these Terms and Conditions and the laws of the Republic of Estonia shall apply.

2. The basis for the rental of the assets is the Estonian Tehnikateenused OÜ. a rental offer with a precise list of the assets to be leased, the length of the lease and the cost.

3. When transferring the property, Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ shall sign the following documents. representative and the Lessee mutually accept the lease offer of Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ.

4. The lessee is obliged to return the property no later than. the day following the end of the rental period indicated in the offer, before. 13:00. The property can be returned by agreement between the parties.

5. In the event that the Lessee returns the property as mentioned above. later than the due date, the Lessee shall also be liable to pay for the days over the due date. for.

6. The lessee has the right to request a printout of his/her rental offer. on paper or by e-mail.

7. The renter is required:

7.1 use the property in a prudent manner and in accordance with its intended purpose, not to leave property unattended,

7.2 return the property cleaned and in good working order or, failing that, reimburse Estonian Technical Services Costs of cleaning and fitting-out of property for the OÜ

7.3 immediately notify the representative of Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ, if the leased asset proves to be unserviceable. In the event that the Renter the said failure proves to be unfounded, the Lessee shall still be liable to pay the rent. on the basis of the rental offer,

7.4 inform the lessor immediately if the property is lost. lost, damaged or destroyed,

7.5 In the event of loss or destruction of the property, the Lessee is obliged to. compensate Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ at the market value of the property,

7.6 In the event of damage to the property, the Lessee is obliged to compensate Estonia for the damage. Tehnikateenused OÜ for property repair costs.

8. The tenant has no right:

8.1 grant Estonian Tehnikateenused OÜ assets to third parties. at your disposal,

8.2 carry out independently or outsource from other persons. Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ property repairs.

9. Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ is entitled to:

9.1 recover the property from any unlawful possession,

9.2 request early termination of the contract if it appears that. The tenant has knowingly misrepresented the facts concerning the rent. point.

10. Eesti Tehnikateenused OÜ has an obligation to:

10.1 promptly notify the Renter if, after the Property has been. upon return, the leased property is found to have become unusable. or there has been a significant decrease in the value of the asset,

10.2 waive any claims for rent (either in part or in full). in full) in favour of the Lessee, if it turns out that the property released to the Lessee was. (partially or totally) unusable.